3D Interactive Kwanza Candles

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The imagery and messages of the season are demonstrated in 3D with interactive Kwanza candles. Candles light in sequence with individual messages. Later you can extinguish or light the flames by clicking on the candles. Press any key to exit interactive screensaver. Contains realistically modeled 3D animated images and MP3 music file. Select from pre-set tints or time of day presets to give a morning, evening or night effect, Or go wild and make everything purple. With demo you can also play up to 10 MP3 music files of your own. Demo expires in 3 days. Registered version never expires, allows you to play up to 10 MP3 music files of your own and doesn't have the registration reminder overlay text. Demo contains full set of features: sound mute, volume control, background tint, brightness, and more. Have fun customizing this screen saver to your preferences. Provides password protection.

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